Quatronic team | The start of an adventure

The start of an adventure

How Quatronic started

Early 2018 was the beginning of an unforgettable adventure: the launch of Quatronic. Although our first year isn’t over yet, we are grateful looking back at 2018. We have successfully delivered four applications at two clients and welcomed our first new colleague.

Where it all started

Our official start was last year, but we’ve had many meetings before that point. One night that stands out is the night that we decided to bite the bullet. After months of pitching ideas back and forth, we finally felt our plans had enough body to feel comfortable to commit. It goes without saying that this was celebrated with an appropriate amount of beverages. This led to one of us coming home, waking up his sleeping wife, declaring “We’re starting our own company” and passing out. Needless to say, said wife was wide awake and could not get back to sleep all night.

After making this huge decision, first order of business was coming up with a name. Easy right? Well actually, it turns out that this was one of the hardest things we had to do. After long evenings of brain storming, arguing and slamming doors we finally arrived at the name Quatronic.

Next, it was time to formulate our mission:

help companies with the delivery, adoption and support of sustainable business critical applications. All by using Low Code and our “Design > Deliver > Drive” mindset. But these are topics for future blogs.

What happened next for Quatronic?

You are probably wondering what happened next. No, it didn’t stop at plans, we actually took the bull by the horns and Quatronic was born. At this point in time, we have signed a strategic partnership with OutSystems (the most advanced platform for Low Code application development), launched our first web and offline tablet applications for SMART Asset Integrity Solutions and welcomed Riccardo De Toni to the family.

2019, we're ready for you!

Now, at the end of this year it’s time to pop the champagne and toast to this amazing year and are looking forward to the upcoming year that has all the potential to be even more amazing. So, twenty nineteen we are ready for you!



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