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Why I started at Quatronic

Since the 1st of August I joined the Quatronic team. Let’s introduce myself and explain why I decided to take on this challenge and make this next step.

My career started almost 6 years ago as a Business Consultant at First Consulting. In the first period my focus was mainly on improving operational processes. Gradually I started to move more towards Technology, and I did projects on low-code application development and business intelligence.

After working there for more than 5 years with a lot of joy, I was up for a new challenge. When Quatronic was founded it soon got my attention, for several reasons. At first, I was up for a move to a smaller company, to be able to help the company develop and to have more direct impact on the company’s performance. Secondly, I believe in what Quatronic aims to do: delivering high quality products by having thorough understanding of the used technology, but also by truly understanding the business and the business needs.

And finally, because it is an awesome team of people who are willing to give everything for the company, but also take time to have a lot of fun together.

After my first three months I can say that working at Quatronic is exactly what I was up for. After getting OutSystems certified I joined a very nice project at a service provider in the field of logistics. Currently I am working on a solution that is used on scanners in the depots, to be able to register incoming and outgoing products. In sprints of 2 weeks we deliver product increments, which we directly test in the depot with the end-users. Soon we will go live in the first depot and working towards this goal gives me a lot of energy; I cannot wait to see it working.

In addition to the projects I get the opportunity to help the company in taking the next steps, I helped furnishing our new office, I enjoyed the first Quatronic summer event and I truly feel that we are working on something great!

Jarno Pons
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Jarno Pons

Business Technology Consultant